Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Light cloud with sunny intervals, 3°, light NNE.

Chatting on the phone this afternoon with Tony Rayner when a Stoat ran thru the garden. I managed to grab the camera and get a few shots as it was running off. Tony was laughing most of the time as I was trying to juggle the phone and camera. Nice to see one in the garden.

A Weasel seen near Ferry Lane a few days ago. Per HG.

Earlier today I went down to Cholsey Marsh to check the cattle and they were clean out of hay! They obviously recognise me now and were mooing a lot in anticipation of food, but I had nothing to give them.

Fortunately a little later a BBOWT team turned up with 20+ bales of hay and were greeted with excited mooing, we offloaded the hay and one of the team broke open 3 bales for them which they tucked in to. I left them later as they continued munching on their hay.

Very little on the marsh today, the odd Reed Bunting singing, 3 Cormorant roosting nearby, a couple of Greylag Geese flew upriver and a brief sighting of the Harris Hawk.

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