Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Dead Kites & Foxes in Cholsey

This is fast becoming a concern! Information received today.

"I saw with interest on your blog posting for Saturday that another dead fox has been reported. I thought I'd let you know that we also found another one on Cholsey Marsh week before last & I found a dead fox floating in the brook near The Lees back in January. & I believe there was another found down on the Marsh a few weeks ago too. So that's now four that I am aware of this year. Suspicious?

Another person also came across two dead Red Kite that had been dumped along the Agatha Christie Trail between Hillgreen & Cox's Farms recently which is obviously also a cause of concern..."

Am following up on these reports.

1 comment:

  1. Paul, there have in the last few months been a lot of rat poison boxes placed around the Cholsey Meadows development. As both foxes and kites predate on dead dying rats could this be a factor?