Sunday, 30 December 2012

Xmas update, the rainy season!

Wet, wet, wet and up to 12º!

Not been out birding since before xmas mainly due to the weather, it has certainly been the wettest year I can recall. Drought conditions at the beginning of the year then a very wet year especially now. The ground is very waterlogged at the moment with many fields either partially or completely flooded.

News from Tony Williams, John Lucas and the Eastender.
Still large numbers of Lapwing (1000+) and Golden Plover (500+) in the area, mainly on the floods at South Moreton but moving around the area. Also a Ruff still present at South Moreton.

Many winter thrushes still around, several thousand of each Fieldfare and Redwing feeding in the fields.
The Eastender has had several Lesser Redpoll feeding in his garden and up to three have been seen feeding in a garden near the allotments in the village, up to fifty Yellowhammer in the Eastender’s garden recently eclipsed the Redpoll and five Grey Partridge also!

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