Friday, 15 March 2013

14th March

Sunny spells, 6º, light W
Magpie in the garden feeding on the suet balls, first time they have visited and not been hassled by the pair of Carrion Crows that have their territory here. I can’t say for certain but I think the male Crow is new (judging by certain behaviours I’ve noted and assuming the male was the aggressor) and may not be as aggressive or territorial as the other one and therefore tolerates other corvids at the moment.

Stayed in for most of the day due to work being done at home but managed another brief visit to Lollingdon hill, unfortunately very quiet. A single Fieldfare, two Song Thrush was all that I noted on the hill. Eighteen Lapwing flew over heading north and a lot of movement of corvids (Crow, Rook & Jackdaw) backwards and forwards and a flock of around fifty Black-headed Gull seen thermalling then flew east.

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