Saturday, 30 March 2013


Sunny spells, 4º, light wind.

For the first time this year the Blackcaps have not shown in the garden, I know it’s only today but I am assuming they have now left as at least one has visited every day this year with up to five in the garden over the last few months, three and two ♀, (the French ringed male, the locally ringed male, an unringed male and assuming two different females)!
The that TW had in his garden has not been seen for four days.

As mentioned in earlier posts the Blackcaps in the garden initially found suet/fat balls to their liking but soon settled on exclusively sultanas as their preferred food and occasionally apple.
Judging from reports in the village there have been double figures wintering in Cholsey, however there must be some movement between areas depending on weather and food availability so possibly no more than twelve birds.

According to some information from RB fifteen different Blackcaps were ringed in a Somerset garden since last November supporting movement in areas.
We now await our summer visiting Blackcaps.

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