Monday, 29 May 2017

Where have all the Kestrels gone?

So far this year one or two of us have noted an almost complete lack of Kestrels in the Cholsey area. The only one that has been seen recently is one out to the south of the village and that is just a lone individual as far as we can tell.

Normally there have been on average of 5 pairs in the parish. So what’s going on?

I’ve not even seen many whilst driving around locally, appear to be missing from usual places.

Is this a local observation or is it more widespread?

There has also been a suggestion of fewer Sparrowhawk sightings as well but I cannot bear this out.

Any thoughts, ideas etc. appreciated.

Replies: 29/05/17.........1 seen around Cholsey Meadows. NH. Thanks
                       Usual pair around Manor Farm/Bunk Line. RB. Thanks

Not seen any of these in my walks......must be going Kestrel blind!


  1. Where have all the Kestrels gone? Long time passing.
    The answer my freind,is hovering in the wind. The answer is.....