Sunday, 11 May 2014

Citrine Wagtail, the finale!

Sunny, still windy, 14º, fresh westerly, back in Oxfordshire, overcast, 15º, light showers and again windy.

Final day on Portland and what a finale! Our first day there started with a rarity, Eastern Subalpine Warbler and our final day ended with another rarity a Citrine Wagtail and a lot of good birds in between.

Had a lie-in today and did not get up until 07:30, around 08:00 I sat and had some breakfast. A few hardy folk were down at the bill seawatching and calling up the odd Skua etc which were also being seen from the Obs.

I was halfway through my breakfast when the radio crackled with “Pom Skua” so telescopes were manned and all eyes on the sea for the Skua to hopefully appear around the bill.

There were only 7 of us at the Obs at that time and whilst watching for the Skua I heard a high pitched short call from outside, at this point I am racking my brains trying to remember what makes that call. Fortunately Martin and Joe (who were outside) were a lot quicker and I heard Joe say there is a Citrine Wag on the pond around 6 metres from us!

A silent rush to the door and the 7 of us were viewing a smart female Citrine Wagtail walking along the edge of the pond just off the patio.

Martin had his camera handy and was taking photos when it dawned on me that I also had a camera...........doh!

Grab camera................take photos..................but by this time the bird mainly had its back to me and was behind some plants but at least I got a few pics.

I thought I’d best let Loren know so I rushed to our room to let her know,  then rushed back, just got the camera on the bird again when it flew from the pond and headed north and to my knowledge has not been seen again.

The Lucky 7 of us at the Obs had good views of a cracking Citrine Wagtail, albeit briefly..................right place at the right time!

Not much else seen after that just a Willow Warbler, Chiffchaff and Spotted Flycatcher before we left.

A brief stop at Ferrybridge and just a couple of Little Tern and 3 Sandwich Tern seen.

Thanks to Martin, Joe and the Prof, also local birders and visitors for another enjoyable stay...........................see you in the autumn. (114 species seen).

 Citrine Wagtail (courtesy Martin Cade)
 My humble efforts!!!!!

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