Sunday, 6 April 2014

A Red Neck & Osprey Blues

Wet’n’windy, 14º, SW, a dull old day.

The Red-necked Grebe was at Farmoor for its 2nd day so I thought I would pay a visit. I walked around to the south end of F2 and the grebe was still present around a 100m out on the res and diving quite frequently.

Stayed and watched for about 1 hour and then decided to head back. As I got to the end of the causeway I thought I’d make a phone call and happened to notice 2 Swallows that flew over and headed towards the Thames (my first of the year).

Whilst watching the Swallows and chatting I had my back to the reservoir and unbeknown to me Badger was trying to phone me to tell me of an Osprey that was flying across the res only to disappear north over Wytham Wood and not to be seen again! Needless to say I missed it!

 Red-necked Grebe

Meanwhile back at home Loren was busy with a camera at the window overlooking the garden.
 Mrs Blackbird
 Mr Blackbird
 The pair of Collared Doves
Early Thorn Moth

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