Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Down by the Seaside ................ coming soon!

Have not got out today as we need to catch up on domestic stuff as we are away tomorrow; however a few birders have been out locally and have seen the following that was logged on the Oxon Bird bLog.

Reed Warbler singing on Cholsey Marsh (per MA).
Cuckoo – Cholsey Marsh (per RW).

Whilst doing some gardening this afternoon there were a couple of Goldcrest in the hedgerow that borders the brook by the garden and a Coal Tit singing nearby.
                                           Some clues to tomorrows venue


  1. Goldcrests have been holding territory along the brook all spring, mostly in the big garden just before bridge. They bred there last year too, taking fledglings over the road into the rook's horse chestnuts. Can be heard singing from the bridge over the brook most evenings. Yellow Wag alarm calling (probably near a nest) along Bunk Line nr sweage works, and at least 2 pairs of lapwings 2 field north of sewage works. Four great and blue tit nests in boxes between brook bridge and railway bridge have eggs and young. Coal Tit on my feeder recently too - a rare spring bird for me!