Thursday, 24 April 2014

Blackbird 1 Sparrowhawk 0

Yesterday evening there was a commotion in the garden and looking out of the living room window we saw a Sparrowhawk that had one of the young Blackbirds pinned to the ground.

The Blackbird and the other youngster were dive bombing the Sparrowhawk in an attempt to drive him away.

At that point I raced to the other room to get my camera. When I got back all the birds had gone so we were at a loss to explain what had further transpired.

Had we lost one of the Blackbirds or not?

Fortunately this morning both young Blackbirds were still present feeding in the garden with Dad so presumably the parent and siblings actions saved the day.

Mum was busy collecting nesting material today! 2nd brood on the way, maybe?


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