Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Birds, Bugs & Amphibians

Cloudy, few sunny spells, 13º, quite a fresh westerly.

Visited the hill for the last 2 days but little going on, the only thing worth noting yesterday was a flock of 14 Meadow Pipit that flew over.

Today saw quite a brisk westerly blowing across the south face and subsequently nothing present other than a Raven that flew over heading for the Downs and 4 Linnet flying low in to the wind.

The north side fared not much better however around 10 Fieldfare and 6 Redwing present.

At least 10 Common Toads in the hole noted today, the light was such that you could see down inside and Loren managed to get a few pics, if they are trapped we are not sure if we can get them out.

A couple of Beetles seen, one species was Meloe proscarabeus an Oil Beetle and the other I’m not sure of, it had a distinctive triangle shape on its back (Bloody-nosed Beetle?)  .

 Oil Beetle (Loren)
 ID required for this one. (Loren)
 Blackthorn Blossom
Some of the Toads in the hole (Loren)
 Part of the Rookery by the garden (Loren)

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