Sunday, 16 March 2014

Toad in the Hole

Sunny, 18º, light WNW

A very pleasant day and a late afternoon walk around Lollingdon hill.

At one point we were taking some photos of a Grey Heron when I could hear some squeaky calls coming from somewhere nearby but could not initially figure out where they were coming from. It then dawned on me that they were coming from a drain on the side of the track that we were standing by and the calls were being made by 2 or more Common Toads. I assume that they had wintered in the drainage system. Peering in to the drain you could make out at least 2 Toads but we could not get a photo, assuming also that they were quite at home in the dark hole we left them to it.

The hole with the Toads in!
Birdwise it was rather quiet but a few breeders were arriving back on the hill in the form of 4 singing Corn Bunting and 3 singing Yellowhammer, a Goldcrest on the north side, 10 Redwing flew from the trees nearby and at least 10 Fieldfare overhead.

There was a Buzzard soaring over the garden today and the 2 resident Red Kites were being hassled by the Rooks from the Rookery if they got too close, a Sparrowhawk flew over and a singing Coal Tit in the garden.

A lot of Small Tortoiseshell and Brimstone butterflies seen today.

A couple seen walking on the top of the hill were challenged today. The woman told us she had a camera and that she worked for Aston Tirrold council, implying that they were on council business. She said that she assumed that there was open access to the hill. I would think working for the council one would be familiar with access rights and the fact they probably scaled a barbed wire fence or locked closed gate to gain access would suggest they knew that it was not open access! We have passed on details to the farmer.


 Grey Heron
Full Moon 16th March 2014


  1. Unfortunately I suspect the toads have fallen into the drain while making their way to the breeding ponds - it's a common death trap.