Tuesday, 25 March 2014

White Wings and White Arses.

Light to heavy rain, 8º, light NNE, the first significant rain for a few weeks.

Managed to catch up with the Iceland Gull today albeit briefly. Driving back from Didcot to Lollingdon hill and noticed around 30 gulls on the flood area with a few wheeling around and one happened to be the Iceland Gull. I managed to slow sufficiently but could not stop as vehicles were coming from behind so had to move on. When we got on the hill, unfortunately most of the gulls had gone from the flood and we did not see it again.

As it was still raining we did not walk around the hill today but just had a brief check on the south face. Still 6+ Wheatear present and a couple of Meadow Pipit.

5 Mallard visiting the garden at the moment, a and and 3 unattached ,s and 2 Grey Herons flew over the garden this evening. A pair of Blackbird collecting food over the last few days in the garden.

Cameras did not come out today so pic taken on phone!
                                                    A wet hill!

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