Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Hit and Miss

Cloudy, rain, 12º, fresh SW.

Arrived on the marsh around 14:30 and the Shrike had been seen briefly to fly across the marsh and down river, was looked for by another birder down towards the four arches but not seen so may have crossed the river, still appears to be roaming over quite a big area on both sides of the Thames.
Not a great deal else seen and did not stay for the roost tonight, one lone Lapwing flying over and twenty Teal flew from the marsh were the only birds of note.

John Day (from Worcester) whom I met this afternoon at the marsh left after me and has emailed me to say at least twenty five Common Snipe dropped into the marsh later and more arriving when he left and Reed Bunting were dropping into the Sedge to roost. Thanks!

The Thames is flooding more, the flow is now going on to the marsh again, and the water is now around thirty metres up Ferry rd.
I also forgot to add a couple of things from yesterday, eighty plus Lapwing seen distantly towards the railway appeared to be looking for somewhere to set down and a Stoat crossed Ferry rd.

Have had an email today that 800+ Corn Bunting have been counted in a field in Essex that was especially sown for wild birds! That is one big flock of Corn Buntings.

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