Wednesday, 30 January 2013

No Shrike today.

Sunny, 10º, fresh to strong SW.

Spent over three hours down on the marsh this afternoon and the Shrike no show today. The Thames has risen more and the water is now roughly one hundred metres along Ferry Rd and most of the marsh is under water again. I laid a small marker stone down at the water’s edge when I arrived and by the time I left it was submerged and the water was around six centimetres beyond it so the water is still rising.
A few birders on and off this afternoon but most were put off by the weather conditions as the wind was howling across the marsh and the Shrike not showing. Difficult conditions also for trying to find the Shrike as the riverbank is mainly inaccessible now and that is the only pathway on the Cholsey side and if it is the other side of the Thames then it will probably not be seen from the Cholsey side until the water subsides.

The Cetti’s Warbler appeared briefly and a Water Rail seen to swim across Ferry Rd. Twenty plus Teal arrived early on and landed at the northern end and during the afternoon around thirty Common Snipe in small groups (or wisps as a visiting birder poetically put it yesterday) arrived. A few small flocks of Fieldfare and Redwing flew over and a Sparrowhawk flew through, a couple of Buzzard and Red Kite and that was about it.
No sign of any Corn Bunting this evening so maybe they have an alternative roosting strategy or site in the weather conditions that were prevalent this evening, the wind was battering the Phragmites area where they normally roost.......or did they arrive after dark?

Several Reed Bunting seen to roost in the Sedge.

Please note, there is no access on the marsh...Thanks

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