Friday, 18 January 2013

Snow and ice

Snow, -2, light to mod ESE, light snow most of the day approximately 10cm deep.

Out in the garden before daylight to top up the feeders and put a little extra out.
Went out later in the day but did not get far, ended up helping a driver who had been stuck in the snow on Bunk Bridge. Went in to the village, had a walk around, and took a few photos.

The garden was very active today but did not get any photos as the snow was getting blown from the roof on to the windows so could not get a clear shot, managed a few with my other camera though!
Both the Blackcap appeared today and they discovered the sultanas so they have been enjoying both the suet balls and sultanas today. Up to a dozen Blackbird present along with two frequently visiting Song Thrush, fourteen Chaffinch, six Greenfinch and about the same of Goldfinch.

A flock of ten plus Long-tailed Tit visited several times and the regular Blue and Great Tits taking sunflower kernels on a regular basis. Two Robin, three Dunnock, a Wren and a Great-spotted Woodpecker all regular and in the afternoon the heavy mob turned up, a single Pheasant, around a dozen Wood Pigeon, two Collared Dove, a Stock Dove and the two Carrion Crow.
The Pheasant proved beneficial to the smaller birds as it was scraping snow to uncover food and helping especially the Chaffinches that were jumping in to take some of the exposed seed.

There was a small movement of around two hundred Lapwing seen and quite a few Redwing, Fieldfare and several Skylark heard passing overhead in response to the weather. I noticed from Bunk Bridge that there was a flock of birds resting in a field that consisted of Lapwing, Black-headed Gull, a few Common Gull and some twenty plus Common Snipe.
A Sparrowhawk made at least three passes on the garden but with no takes!

A few Blackbird and the two Robin still feeding in the garden after dark.

The garden and the meadow.
Robin and Blue Tit.
Blackbirds and Chaffinches.
Bunk railway looking towards Wallingford.
Helping hand from the local farm.

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