Saturday, 19 January 2013

Not snowing

Overcast, low cloud, 0º, no wind.

A slightly milder day than yesterday, a brief walk out west proved fruitless (maybe should have gone along the river?)  whereas the garden was very busy today at one point counted fifty-seven birds of sixteen species in the garden.
Last night I cleared an area around the feeders and this morning put some more food out before dawn. The first to turn up was the two Robins and then Blackbirds up to a max of fourteen today, also an early Redwing.

A little later, saw several Fieldfare appear in the garden with one staying for the rest of the day and defending an area of the garden, that had apples, against all comers. Any Blackbird that landed in the area was immediately seen off. Several more Redwings arrived but they stayed under the hedge looking for food and three Song Thrush present today.
Two Blackcaps present today (one is ringed, maybe the French one Richard had in his garden recently) but no sign of the . Two Magpies, several House Sparrows and Starling seen out front, and the Sparrowhawk made at least one pass through the garden today, all the other regular visitors present.

Rabbit tracks noted in the garden this morning!
A Meadow Pipit in the middle of the village today was unusual and more Fieldfare, Redwing, Starlings and Black-headed Gulls seen in and around other village gardens.

Tony Williams has had a ♀ Blackcap and a Lesser Redpoll visiting his garden today.

Redwings with a Wren darting thru.
Busy garden
Bossy Fieldfare
Song Thrush
Song Thrush
Looking agressive
Blackcap (ringed) is this the
Fauvette à tête noire

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  1. Left-ringed Blackcap was ringed in my garden the other week. The French-ringed bird has a ring on the right leg.